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Рожденный ползать на голову не нагадит Оптимист. Брокер от пэйджера недалеко падает. (Киллер) Тепло ли тебе, девица? Тепло ли тебе, синяя?. | Изумрудная | Дирижабль (AngelsCity) ***многабукафф*** pinned ru: Крысолов: Прямо - Направо. Лента комментариев на форуме. Конгрес США прийняв у двох читаннях проект закону про запобігання російської агресії, згідно з яким Республіка Молдова, Україна і Грузія отримують статус союзників США, без членства в. - Здесь мы починим, это мы заменим, это поставим на место. А вот жатку от комбайна придется отвезти обратно.. ;d На "покатушках" блондинка залезла в самолет и села у окна. Общение незрячих и их друзей на любые темы без запретов.

Workers checked - all are working ARN "Halifax Terminal, Nova with you out of 13, for 10,, requesting runway Expect runway What was that name again? I say again, Chibougamau! What does it mean? Are you aware the city has bylaws against loitering? You makea funna Alitalia?!

I make-a funna Delta anna FedEx! Pilot: Yes. Tower: Yes what??

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You have a UH-1 three miles ahead of you on final; reduce speed to knots. Tower: 95 Delta, What do you mean by ? Tower: 95 Delta, you are cleared to land. How many more circuits were you planning on making? Next time, read your flight supplement.

Say type landing. Pilot: Uh Controller: oooohhh! You have traffic! Auckland Tower : "Previously landed Beech twin prop reported half an inch of standing water on runway, no report on braking effectiveness as brakes not required". Korean Air : "Ehhh Say again Auckland Tower : "Previously landed aircraft says did not need to use brakes, ten to fifteen millimeter deep water on runway". Korean Air : "Ah! Thank you!

USA Roger approach, how long do you need me to maintain that speed? Pan AM 1: Could you give that to me in inches? Controller: "Okay then. That lake is the Atlantic Ocean. Suggest you turn to the big W immediately Not yours. Tower: Cessna XXX cleared for take-off. Student: "What should I do? What should I do?

Std: "What should I do? Deer on runawy NN cleared for immediate departure. Two seconds, and then -- I presume by coincidence -- the deer bolts from the runway, and runs back into the woods.

Caution wake turbulence, departing deer. It had to be tough keeping that Cessna rolling straight for take-off. Approach: "Unable Federated The ILS is out of service. State my intentions. Are you an Airbus or ? Pilot: once again short break "But why? We want to go to Bratislava, not to Vienna! Discontinue approach, turn left and climb to feet, vectors to Bratislava.

There is also only and knots But we are flexible.

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Reduce to knots. Negative, we left him back at the hanger! Do you have Echo? Negative, recieving you loud and clear! Do you have Hotel? Negative, We are staying with friends! Do you have Juliet? Do you have Kilo?


Negative, but I think there a couple roaches in the ashtray! Do you have Mike? Negative, I have a push-to-talk button and a headset! Do you have Oscar?

Do you have Popa?

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Negative, but I wrote him a letter last week! Do you have Romeo? Negative, Negative! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

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  • Do you have Uniform? Negative, just jeans and sweatshirt!

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    Do you have Victor? Negative, Who is Victor? Do you have Xray? Negative, my doctor wants a CAT Scan! Do you have Whiskey?

    Negative, not in last 8 hours, Am I not on assigned heading? Do you have Charlie? Washington D.

    Tower: "Mission , do you have problems? JPG 48 KB. JPG KB. JPG 58 KB. Love story. GIF 17 KB.

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